Getting Serious

Make the most of your plan

You’ve taken the most important step to reaching your financial goal: you joined the CEIRP.

Learn more about investing from the Smart Investing magazine (PDF).

Here are some easy ways to help grow and monitor your savings without much effort.

Increase contributions

Increase the amount you contribute to your CEIRP accounts. Find out how even a small increase can make a big difference with My 1 per cent advantage calculator.

To increase contributions, contact your plan administrator. Make sure to check your RRSP contribution limit on the Canada Revenue Agency’s tax filing Notice of Assessment.

Bring it together

Transfer any other registered savings you have into your CEIRP RRSP or TFSA. Through the power of group purchasing, you‘ll generally pay lower investment management fees in your group plan compared with typical retail investments. See the difference lower fees can make with My group advantage calculator calculator (requires Flash).

To transfer in your registered savings, contact your plan administrator or phone Great-West Life at
1-800-724-3402, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Review your goals and risk tolerance

Your financial goals and the level of risk you’re comfortable with will change over time. Review your risk tolerance with the Investment personality questionnaire. If you invested in a Portfolio Target Risk Fund, or built your own investment portfolio, make sure your investment choices still match your risk profile.

smartPATH can help you maximize your money

Visit this interactive website for educational tools and resources to help you get the most out of your group retirement plan.