Growing your savings – for life after work.

Over the past 15 years, the Canadian Entertainment Industry Retirement Plan (CEIRP) has grown a lot – from the seed of an idea into a large, strong group plan.

It was time to make things easier for you and to create a better, more consistent experience for you and over 25,000+ members across the country.

Thanks in part to member survey feedback last year, we’ve taken the first step with this brand new CEIRP website – and with it, a new way for you to find information and learn more about the opportunities CEIRP has to offer you.

In last year’s member survey, many of you said you’d like to learn more about investing and saving, and how to make the most of being a CEIRP member – but you wanted it to be easier, simpler, more accessible, and mobile. It’s taken a while, but we’ve taken your feedback to heart.

Learn more about CEIRP – and connect with your plan

  1. Watch your email for CEIRP news, articles, videos, learning opportunities and more.
    CEIRP will now shoot you an email now and then. You’ll get descriptive headlines, and if you’re interested in learning more, links that take you directly to more detail on the “Learn & Grow” blog on
  2. Go to any time to get reference info on:
    • The story of CEIRP, who runs the plan, and participating union/guild groups
    • How the plan works, including: plan options, tips to make the most of your plan, and using GRS Access to manage your plan and make changes
    • How to enroll and start saving
    • Things to consider as you get ready to retire – and beyond
  3. Go to your Canada Life GRS Access account to manage your plan and easily make changes.
    If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can see the investment funds available to you through CEIRP by logging on to Canada Life’s as a guest.

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Questions or feedback?

If you have questions or feedback about the new website, please contact your local administrator, or