Why assign a beneficiary

Assigning a beneficiary for your account is really important. If you don’t and you die, your money could get stuck in your estate and caught up with legal fees. But there are different types of beneficiary designations, so make sure you choose the right one – and that it’s up to date. When you [...]

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Target date funds – make investing easy!

Did you know that our default investment for new members is the Cadence target date funds? For investors who want to set it and forget it, target date funds are the way to go. Just pick “Cadence” and the fund closest to the year you turn age 65 will be automatically selected for you. [...]

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Understanding your fees

You have exceptionally low fees compared to individual investments. In fact, the power of CEIRP has helped get fees reduced five times over the years! Your low fees can make a BIG difference to your account balance over time. You hear a lot in the news about how much Canadians are paying in fees on [...]

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Wow – CEIRP keeps growing

As of December 1, 2019, there are now over 25,348 members with over $645.5 million in assets across our RRSP, TFSA, NRSP and RRIF accounts.
million in assets