Start 2024 Off Right With This Easy Money Saving Hack

As we come to the end of a year that has been difficult for many CEIRP members, we can look ahead to 2024 as a fresh start, especially when it comes to how we manage our money. With this in mind, here is a simple money hack that you can try that will help [...]

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Financial Expert Chris Enns offers his advice for getting through these challenging times

Chris Enns is a unique financial advisor: he also has experience on the stage as an opera singer. Unlike other advisors, he has personal experience with the cyclical highs and lows of working in the entertainment industry. That’s why we asked him for his advice on how many of our members can cope financially [...]

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We did it again! The investment management fees are lower!

CEIRP keeps growing which means we can all enjoy lower investment management fees! When the plan started in 2004, fees were 1.1%. After six reductions, the fees will now be reduced by .5% to .48% — a 56.4% reduction since our inception. This change applies immediately to the RRSP, NRSP, TFSA and the RRIF/LIF. [...]

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