Tips to make the most of your plan

If you’re already a CEIRP member, make sure you’re taking advantage of all that the plan offers, including opportunities to enhance your knowledge.
Here are some easy ways to help grow and keep an eye on your savings without much effort.

Helping you stay up-to-date

  • Watch your email each month for our CEIRP newsletter, featuring CEIRP updates, personal financial articles and financial industry news.
  • Watch the videos and webinars that are available to help you learn more about CEIRP and saving for your future.
  • Make sure your beneficiary information is current.
  • Update your contact information at or call Canada Life at 1-855-729-1839.
  • Be ready for tax time. Visit to get duplicate tax receipts and make RRSP contributions before the March 1 deadline.

Resources and Forms

smartPATH can help you get started

Visit this interactive website for educational tools and resources to help you reach your savings goals.

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