CEIRP now has its own dedicated team of Investment and Retirement Managers at Canada Life. They’re here to help you with those tough decisions about your savings and investments. Contact someone today.

Whether you’re just starting out, retiring or somewhere in between, these specialists can help guide you along the way with personalized service and support. They can help you:

  • Create a plan
  • Decide how much to save
  • Combine your savings, and
  • Fine-tune as your life changes, up to and beyond your working years.

Contact your team today!

Jaime Baychu, CFP®, RPA
1-866-788-1293 ext. 5790
[email protected]

Trudel Dorcine (Bilingual)
1-866-788-1293 ext.5802
[email protected]

Vincent Tao
1-866-788-1293 ext. 5798
[email protected]

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