Overview of CEIRP

Growing your savings for life after work makes sense. And CEIRP makes saving easy.

Like the growth rings in a tree trunk, your savings start small and grow a little bigger each year. Before you know it, you have a strong foundation for your retirement income.

Whether you’re saving for retirement – or maybe other shorter-term financial goals such as education or buying your first home – CEIRP is committed to providing a diverse selection of plan options and investment choices, to help you make the most of your money.

Contributions and payroll deductions

Contributions to CEIRP may be made by your employer/producer, or voluntarily by you through payroll deductions.

Contributions are processed in-house by payroll through your Local, Guild, Employer or 3rd party administrator. The money is sent to Great-West Life where it is allocated to your account as per your investment instructions. And, if you are a member working outside of your jurisdiction, CEIRP’s design allows payroll contributions to make it into your account in a timely manner.

Your investment choices are offered through Great-West Life and are carefully monitored by the CEIRP Committee and our advisors.

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Lower fees make a big difference!

You also pay lower investment management fees not typically available to the individual investor. To see the difference this can make, try My group advantage calculator