Who runs the plan?

A retirement plan like CEIRP can’t manage itself. It takes a dedicated, knowledgeable group of representatives from the participating unions, guilds, councils, regions and crafts from across the country – the CEIRP Retirement Committee.

CEIRP Retirement Committee

The CEIRP Retirement Committee manages the plan, providing oversight and acting in the best interest of members across Canada. They meet regularly with investment specialists and plan consultants to review fund performance.

Their ultimate goal is to provide members with an easy way to grow their savings — for life after work. This includes offering a strong and stable plan with low fees plus meaningful investment choices and supporting education, to enable members to make good financial decisions for retirement.

Your retirement committee

Frank Haddad
Chair of CEIRP Retirement Committee,
IATSE Local 891

Grace Gilroy
Vice-Chair of CEIRP Retirement Committee,
Directors Guild of Canada, B.C. District Council

John M. Lewis
Director of Canadian Affairs,
Fourth International Vice President, IATSE

Justin Antheunis
President, IATSE Local 58

Ari Magder
Treasurer, IATSE Local 667
International Cinematographers Guild

Damian Petti
President, IATSE Local 212,
Third International Vice President

Celeste Pinder
IATSE Local 295

Nathalie Paré
Executive Director, AQTIS 514 IATSE

Joe Fraser
IATSE Local 873

Brian Baker
Chair, DGC Health & Welfare Trust
Senior Advisor, Directors Guild of Canada

Kendrie Upton
Executive Director,
Directors Guild of Canada,
B.C. District Council

Julia Neville
International Representative, IATSE


There are also various sub-committees. These are made up of committee members who:

  • Carry out the assigned purpose(s) as determined by the committee
  • Obtain necessary information and advice to carry out the assigned purpose(s)
  • Report to the committee periodically on these activities
  • Make recommendations to the committee on strategies, policies, actions and procedures within the time frame established by the committee


  • Review the Canada Life returns on investment
  • Negotiate contract renewal with Canada Life
  • Provide regular asset evaluations to the committee


  • Liaise with all plan administrators
  • Determine policy to be adopted by all
  • Ensure consistency between locals
  • Discuss problems with Canada Life/the CRA etc., when necessary
  • Meet with Canada Life regarding administrative issues


  • Review all legal documents for presentation to the committee
  • Develop governance policy for consideration by the committee
  • Confidentiality
  • Code of Conduct


  • Develop ongoing communication to the Locals/Guilds and membership (e.g., newsletters, websites, statement inserts, etc.)
  • Review the educational needs of the committee members, administrators and plan members
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