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RRSP 101: Quick FAQs About Individual and Group RRSPs

Some members might not be sure about how Individual and Group RRSPs work. Here's a quick refresher sourced from the website: The Registered Retirement Savings Plan helps you save for retirement during your working years You can contribute 18% of your previous year’s income (total limit for 2020 is $27,230). The amount that [...]

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We did it again! The investment management fees are lower!

CEIRP keeps growing which means we can all enjoy lower investment management fees! When the plan started in 2004, fees were 1.1%. After six reductions, the fees will now be reduced by .5% to .48% — a 56.4% reduction since our inception. This change applies immediately to the RRSP, NRSP, TFSA and the RRIF/LIF. [...]

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