Contribute to your RRSP so you don’t leap over your 2023 tax savings!

2024 is a leap year – which means you have until Feb. 29 to contribute to your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP). Why contribute? Putting money into an RRSP can help lower your income taxes today, while saving for tomorrow. Also, money saved in an RRSP grows tax-free. You’re taxed only on the withdrawals [...]

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Updated – Important Deadlines: RRSP and TFSA Contributions for 2023-24

Click here to download "Important Deadlines for RRSP and TFSAs". The Canada Life call centre hours during the holiday season: Thursday, December 21 - Open during regular hours Friday, December 22 – GRS administration offices will have limited hours and will be open until noon ET; The Client Service Center will operate from 8 [...]

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For Members Affected by the Strikes

Please be advised that after careful consideration and monitoring of the ongoing labour actions in the U.S. resulting in a considerable work stoppage in the film and television industries in Canada for the past 5 or more months, the CEIRP Retirement Committee has enacted a temporary revision to Policy No. 3 for Extreme Hardship [...]

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Amended: Message from the CEIRP Retirement Committee

The CEIRP Retirement Committee continues to closely monitor the impact that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are having on Plan members in the Film and TV sector of the entertainment industry.  The Committee is very concerned about the ongoing labour unrest and its unprecedented impact on our Canadian crews. We are considering all avenues [...]

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Additional Support for Those Affected by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikes

As the industry strikes continue, we wanted to bring to your attention the following resources that may help you through this difficult time. The AFC AFC $2000 Emergency Aid Designated Sharing Time Credit Counselling Credit Canada Service Canada Employment Insurance Job Bank Other job search services Benefits Finder

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New Canada Life Webinars Coming This Fall

Get on track, stay on track Saving for retirement can feel overwhelming, especially when you’ve got other important things to save for and expenses to cover. Whether you’ve been saving for a while or are just getting started, this webinar will help you get on track for a retirement you can look forward to. [...]

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A Message from the CEIRP Retirement Committee Regarding the WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikes

Options to consider for Members faced with financial challenges Downturns in employment are not unusual in the motion picture industry and no one knows how long this one is expected to last. The Committee is exploring all possible alternative options to assist members during this difficult time. If you are struggling with financial challenges, [...]

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