Twenty years ago, when CEIRP was first created, the purpose was simple — to help members to save for a comfortable retirement. Each of us have a dream of what our retirement might be like. Maybe it’s spending your time with friends and family. Or travelling the world. Or you might choose to take partial retirement because you love to work. One thing is clear: retirement should be fun, independent and financially secure.

Those are compelling reasons to save. The next step is to have a plan. CEIRP members are known for their creativity and imagination. It’s possible to use these skills to visualize the kind of retirement you would like to have. To help set your goals, we have access to great tools and calculators thanks to our plan provider Canada Life. Here are some examples:

  • When you log into, and enter the Group RRSP side, you can set up a Retirement Goal right from the main page
  • Or from the Group RRSP side, click on Resources from the menu on the right and then select Savings Tips
    • From there, you can access Wealthgoal. This website is full of articles, videos and calculators to help you to create your plan
    • If you need even more inspiration, select SmartPath from the Savings Tips menu option
  • Want to speak to an expert? Set up an appointment with one of CEIRP’s dedicated Investment and Retirement Specialists – you can find their information on our website under the Important Contacts tab
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